Barnstable Oyster

Cape Cod Aquaculture


We’re a small, family-run oyster operation in Barnstable, Massachusetts. We raise about a hundred thousand oysters each year in the beautiful clean waters off Cape Cod. Our goal is to raise the best oysters we can, and we keep our numbers small so we can run the farm ourselves and keep a close eye on our products.

Our oysters, and those from the other farmers in the waters off Barnstable, benefit from ideal oyster-growing conditions.  The temperature, salinity, and nutrient density of the water are such that our oysters develop briny, firm flesh with a sweetness at the center.

We know that Barnstable isn’t the only place that grows great oysters, but we’ll hold ours up against any other, and all we ask is that you do the same.   Taste Barnstable Oysters, and you’ll see what we mean.